Vauxhall Corsa Key Programming

This early Vauxhall Corsa (2006) was arrived at the GEL Automotive workshop in Saxmundham, Suffolk. Due to having the flashing immobiliser light flashing and the vehicle unable to start.

Although we have Vauxhall GDS2 OEM diagnostics for vauxhall this year of vehicle is not covered by the newer system we use. So to programme the Keys we used OPCOM as this covers the early versions (Sub 2009). Opcom works in a similar way to GDS2 but is very basic in comparison although packed with features.

When programming vauxhall key you need to have the security code often this is misplaced on these models due to the age, We can extract the security PIN from the immobiliser ECU with a specialists locksmith diagnostic tester.

Once we have the security code programming is very straightforward and is completed within 25 minutes. If you have lost your vauxhall keys or would like a spare key programmed please feel free to get in touch.