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Recently we had this Boxter 987 in with intermittent starting issues and an over fueling issue. Using Porsche PIWIS diagnostics we performed a test plan to diagnose both the engine management faults and the intermittent non start. Firstly we tackled the running issue, After reading the fault codes stored within the engine ECU we could quickly see that the upsteam O2 sensor (lambda) was reading very erratically in cases 16.5 /1.

We advised the customer and replaced the O2 sensor and the outcome was stable readings, smoother driving and much better response however there was slight damage to the CAT due to the extra fuel causing high EGT’s.

Next up on the 987 we had to look at the intermittent non start, Again using PIWIS we logged immobilizer data to see what was happening during the period of time the vehicle would not start, As you can see FFFFFFFFF – 000000000. Both F and 0 in code is nothing / blank. So at the time of non start the vehicle is seeing no auth to start.

The solution that even surprised us was to simply re code both keys….. with over 55 starts over 2 days a simple recoding of the keys solved the issue. We were expecting either a gateway module or and engine ecu.

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This job was recovered from Essex to our workshop based in Suffolk,