Skoda Fabia – Front end damage COPART Salvage

Recently we purchased this Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo 2012 from Copart with very mild front end damage. As you can see this Fabia has front end damage to bolt on parts absolutely no chassis or structural damage. We saw this Skoda Fabia in Copart Colchester auction from what we could see we were in for a fairly straightforward repair. We could see damage to the front bumper, rad pack headlights and potentially wings.

Once the fabia as delivered we stripped the damage away and below is what we were presented with. Although its looks like a fairly big task this strip down did not take long at all. We had a parts list made up and we only needed a bonnet, rad pack and crash bar. The headlights were in good condition apart from damaged headlight tabs on the housings, the front bumper can be repaired with relative ease as for the rad pack and crash bar these needed to be replaced as a matter of safety.

skoda fabia front end damage from copart
skoda fabia front end damage from copart

Sourcing the parts, we used a local company (whip street motors) and sourced all the parts required from x2 damaged vehicles so we were able to to start rebuilding the front end. Until ……

The slam panel and rad pack we had collected were totally wrong although from a fabia of the same year we had not checked or confirmed the donor vehicle was a 1.2 TSI this ment we had no room for the tiny intercooler in the rad pack. We could have modified this to suit but we decided to source another rad pack from the exact spec car.

The fabia front end rebuild is to be continued …… Further progress updates will be posted.