Porsche mileage correction

Over the weekend we had been lucky enough to see a 2018 Porsche macan for mileage correction, Porsche mileage correction is very straight forward no parts are add or removed in this control unit. Porsche mileage correction in particular the Porsche macan is 100% obd correctable. The mileage is changed via the OBD port.

How long does Porsche mileage correction take ? From 2013 most Porsche vehicles have the ability to correct mileage via the OBD port making it a very quick turn around time with multiple mileage addresses being change in just one hit. Im most cases Porsche mileage correction will only take a maximum of 20 minutes to complete with the correct knowlage and equipment we have the ability to this safely via the OBD port, other company’s may not have the knowledge or ability to this and simply tell you “it’s not possible”.