OEM Ford ids diagnostics in Halesworth, Suffolk

On Saturday afternoon we were called a customer in Halesworth Suffolk, the customer had a Ford Focus C-Max that was recovered by the RAC to there home address just outside of Halesworth. The focus C-Max was failing to start and stuck in gear, upon arrival we plugged in our Ford IDS diagnostics and ran a self test this showed many faults for low battery voltage. Just about every control unit had failed the test, we proceeded to clear the diagnostic fault codes and run a fresh test. With a power pack connected producing 12.56 volts. After clearing the faults results Returned was were able to be set in Park. After running a can bus network test we also found no faults to be left in the vehicle. We provide the customer with a diagnostic print out and advised change the battery. If you are looking for diagnostics in Halesworth in particular OEM diagnostics  please feel free to get in touch.