Nissan P0039 Boost Valve

Recently we had a Nissan Note recovered to do due to very poor running and excessive smoke. Upon a full fault scan we revelled one fault code P0039. This fault code relates to the boost valve that sits on top of the engine, It was clear that one of the vacuum line was brittle due the hose being rubber and the location of the valve. The vaccum hose had dried up due to the heat from the engine.

Due to COVID we had been unable to order a genuine Nissan Vacuum hose so we fabricated one a re routed, After this we erased the P0039 fault code and went for a test drive so as log the turbo data to ensure our improvised fix would be suitable until the genuine part was available.

P0039 Fixed

After the test drive and data logging we had no issues and the customer was able to collect the vehicle the same day. If you are having similar issues or had been diagnosed with P0039 please feel free to get in touch.