MIB2 Performance monitor activation Update Golf MY19

Below is the Tech Bulletin for MY19 registered vehicles without the Performance monitor

MY19 Golf-R Performance Monitor (Sport HMT)

During production, software for the Performance Monitor (HMI), which is a feature listed on the vehicle’s Monroney Label, was not added to MY19 Golf R units. As a result, this feature is not currently enabled on vehicles produced before mid to late Jane 2019. Golf R units built after mid to late June 2019 until end of production for the 2019 model year will come from the factory with the Performance Monitor (Sport HMI) functionality mabled.

We are diligently working toward a technical solution to restore this functionality to the affected vehicles. As we are still investigating the appropriate solution path, we do not have an estimate of when this resolution will be implemented. Updates will be shared with you as they become available.

For any MY19 Golf-R vehicles currently in your investory or in-transit to your dealership, you will be receiving an updated Munroney Label reflecting that the Performance Monitor is not enabled that must immediately replace the existing Manuncy Label on that vehicle. This process will also trigger a dealer voice creditive-bill for that vehicle (the original dealer invoice will be revered and a new dealer inveice will be generateds. However, since no dollar values will change, there should be no

monetary effect to you Became the updated Menroney Label will state that the Performance Monitor is not carely enabled and direct the customer to the dealer for details, it is critical that your Sales and Service staff are immediately and properly briefed on this topic and understand what to communicate to customers asking about the Performance Monitor

If asked about the Performance Monitor, your staff should inform Golf R customers that Volkswagen is working to enable the Performance Monitor’s functionality and that Volkswagen will be in touch with cues regarding this is Your staff should not speculate on when the functionality will be enabled or make any promises about the Performance Monitor’s function. If customers continue to have questions about the Performance Monitor, your staff should direct the customer to contact