Mercedes TCU (Gearbox ECU)

We were called by a local garage in Ipswich for a W204 mercedes C350 CDI that was suffering from slow and aggressive selection of reverse gear. Equipped with Mercedes star and Xentry we setup and go to work, Upon running a fault code scan we found no faults relating to the gearbox. So we set to work on resetting the adaptions (learnt values) from the gearbox ecu after resetting the values we performed a software update on the TCU to ensure the latest Mercedes compliance. After a short test drive to make sure we tested both hot and cold we found no issues at all. The customer was quoted over £2000 for a reconditioned gearbox as no faults could be found. A quick call to us and 2 hours later the customer was impressed to say the least. For Mercedes diagnostics, coding, programming and factory updates please get in touch.