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Mercedes makes the most advanced vehicles on the road today. To keep everything running smoothly, Mercedes’ built in computers, monitor hundreds of individual systems, sensors and variables. It then makes corrections when needed to optimize performance, shifting, braking, traction, stability, safety and other vehicle parameters. When something goes wrong, your Mercedes vehicle picks up the error or deviation which shows a fault code.

Mercedes Fault Codes

Fault codes that occur within your Mercedes set of dash lights (such as ‘Check Engine,’ ‘Brake’ or ‘Temperature’), but this isn’t usually enough information for the average Mercedes owner to really diagnose what is causing the problem.

You should never ignore these warning lights on your dash, and promptly take your car or sprinter to a Mercedes specialist repair shop. GEL AUTOMOTIVE based in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk will be able to assist you whenever a warning light comes on, some warning lights can be an easy fix (such as correcting a low fluid level, tightening your gas cap or cleaning a sensor), while in other cases your Mercedes may require something more complex to fix the issue.

A fault code, or Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) are system code errors that tell your Mercedes what is failing.

In newer Mercedes models, the fault code will set off a dash light or error message, letting you know to take your Mercedes to be inspected and diagnosed by a specialist.

Mercedes Specialists in Suffolk, Essex & Norfolk

You can bring Your Car to GEL Automotive or take advantage of our mobile service that covers Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk, to get your Mercedes diagnosed. Thanks to the error codes remembered by your built in computer, our fully qualified technicians can quickly find what is causing the problem. When you bring your vehicle to us, we start by hooking our diagnostic equipment up to your ODB-II port and reading all registered error codes. While all car makers use a similar language for error codes, each one has unique definitions.

That’s where our knowledge with Mercedes vehicles and our upto date diagnostics equipment is crucial. Our fully qualified technicians are able to read all of your error codes (both present and past) we can then decide the best possible service to get your Mercedes running like new again. We can also reset error codes and see if they reappear, if this is the case it can be a sign that a temporary problem has been fixed (such as low oil, bad gas or dirty sensors) or that the issue is recurring and makes itself present again after a short time.

GEL Automotive, First for mercedes diagnostics

The error code information gives us a good indication to what the root cause of your Mercedes problem could be and guides us to the right repairs. We only carry out work that you have agreed to and we feel is vital to fixing the issue. With this we have built our reputation as a reputable company in Mercedes maintenance, repair and service in the Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk area. You can easily contact one of our members off staff who will be happy to assist you either by phone, email or live chat.

Our fully qualified team will make sure we do everything it takes to get your Mercedes or Sprinter back on the road!

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Our mobile mercedes diagnostic and servicing unit has coverage of Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk we have some key service areas not limited to but including.

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