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Consequently, our Mercedes-Benz specialists in Ipswich have actually seen an uptick in auto owners acquiring their own components as well as taking it to a independent mechanic, or trying a Do It Yourself fixing rather than discovering a local Mercedes expert.

Which brings us to today’s subject: the issues with aftermarket car components in particular mercedes auto components as mercedes are high worth and we have seen lots of fake components. (and why you shouldn’t use them in your Mercedes-Benz!).

Simply to be clear, not all non-Mercedes components are naturally undependable. There are lots of aftermarket providers around who produce components that are equivalent in high quality and performance to initial producers, yet could you inform the phony mercedes component from the genuine mercedes part?

Look hard sufficient, and it isn’t tough to find auto components floating around online industries.

This extends to Mercedes automobile parts too.

You can purchase practically anything on the internet, varying from essentials (such as groceries) to the strange (like the moment that an entire community in California was listed on eBay).

Do you really want to take the opportunity though? Particularly with the dangers?

1) Aftermarket parts will not always fit your Mercedes-Benz.
Many of the aftermarket components you might discover online are one-size-fits-all designs, created to function well enough with as lots of auto brands and engines as possible.

If they’re made use of in a premium brand name such as Mercedes-Benz, this can typically lead to abject performance.

It isn’t simply components located online that run into this trouble– the components made use of by generalist technicians are frequently guilty of this too.

Mercedes lorries are highly-engineered cars with tight tolerances– this is what provides their power and efficiency. To keep this performance up requires high-grade parts and components that are especially made with Mercedes-Benz automobiles in mind.

It likewise implies that your Mercedes-Benz might not obtain the service it deserves by a trained and proficient Mercedes professional.

Generalist auto mechanics have to function with all sorts of different automobile brands day-in, day-out. It makes good sense that they would try to improve things as long as possible by preferencing these types of parts.

2) How do you recognize they’re up for the task?
Any person that routinely shops online recognizes that what eventually turns up on your front doorstep can frequently be a little bit hit-or-miss quality-wise.

This isn’t a major issue when it’s something reasonably worthless. A pack of socks might break very early, and a set of earphones might turn out to be a dud, but in both instances, you’re just out a couple of bucks.

For something as important as your Mercedes-Benz however, it is essential that you just make use of the very best!

Authentic components are rigorously tested by Mercedes-Benz to ensure it fulfills the quality, performance and safety criteria we have actually come to anticipate from the three-pointed star.

Just like numerous on-line listings, there’s typically no way to confirm the top quality of the product you’re obtaining. Exactly how can you be certain that you’re getting a high quality part that will keep your engine running for years to come?

While aftermarket parts might look the component, they don’t undergo this type of screening. The metallurgy might not be up to the same level, or they may not be able to endure the warm a Mercedes-Benz engine can create.

The only means to ensure? When it’s time to take your vehicle in for a solution or fixing, Stick to genuine mercedes or OEM components.

And also don’t fail to remember to take it to a Mercedes-Benz professional in Ipswich, either!

Mercedes-Benz expert Ipswich.
3) You run a high danger of purchasing a phony.
Another common problem with aftermarket automobile components (or anything, actually) got online? The high chance of inadvertently purchasing a phony.

Using phony parts in your Mercedes-Benz can have dire effects. Usually, phony components can fail, creating substantial damage to your engine and requiring a costly Mercedes-Benz service to deal with.

Like several on-line purchases, there are a surprising number of suppliers who will certainly try to work off their phony items as the actual offer.

According to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, up to 60% of spark plugs acquired with online suppliers are phonies!

At GEL Automotive, we’ve developed solid relationships with many of the initial parts suppliers that Mercedes-Benz chooses, in addition to trustworthy and also trusted aftermarket brand names.

This allows us to procure parts straight from the resource, eliminating the threat of any fake, low-quality parts making their method into any repair work we perform.

The only way to make sure is to resource them through official channels.

It isn’t always very easy to tell the fakes apart from the genuine article, either. Fakers are obtaining a growing number of advanced, with even specialists having a hard time to tell them apart in many cases.

4) No service warranty.
At GEL Automotive, we do not just cover our craftsmanship as well as work– we additionally provide a charitable 2-year, guarantee on the parts we use.

The parts we choose aren’t simply durable– the large bulk are likewise covered by guarantee, which our Mercedes-Benz experts in Ipswich are able to pass on to consumers like you.

By contrast, very couple of aftermarket components are covered by warranties!

If it turns out that you have actually accidentally bought a low-quality aftermarket component (or worse, damaged your Mercedes consequently), you’re left inevitable. You’ll have to pay out-of-pocket for a substitute, in addition to a fixing price.

Additionally, if an aftermarket component triggers an authentic part to fail, Mercedes is not required to cover honour a warranty for the genuine component, either.

Just to be clear, UK law does NOT allow automobile producers to void your service warranty if you utilize aftermarket parts. Nonetheless, there’s also no guarantee that they’ll call for a fixing, so take care.

While it may conserve you a little bit of cash upfront, selecting the aftermarket alternative can often end up costing more in the long-run!

Offer your Mercedes the service it is worthy of– call our Mercedes-Benz specialists in Ipswich today!
We recognize that you wish to reduce just how much your Mercedes-Benz service prices, which choosing aftermarket parts is one method of accomplishing that goal.

Naturally, getting aftermarket parts is filled with risk, specifically with so many questionable vendors marketing their merchandises online.

For many years, we have actually curated a choice of aftermarkets parts service providers that we know through first-hand experience can be trusted to provide long lasting, quality components.

As independent technicians, our Mercedes-Benz specialists in Ipswich aren’t linked to the dealership network. We’re free to seek out choices to authentic parts if our team believe it will provide remarkable performance, or a much better cost.

Not only does this allow us to supply you with exceptional Mercedes-Benz servicing, yet it likewise permits us to bring down your costs too!

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