Do you have a Mercedes Key that suddenly stops working in the ignition? Is it not turning on the ignition?

This issue is familiar with Mercedes-Benz E-Class and C-Class models, as well as the S-Class model, C-Class, S-Classes, S-Classes, CLK-Classes, SL-Classes, and ML-Class models.

Service Specifications

Mercedes owners frequently experience the problem of their key not turning in the ignition. This is often caused by a defective shifter module, a defective or defective key, an EIS failure, or a bad steering lock (ESL).

This issue EIS/EZS is frequently found in Mercedes-Benz E-Class and C-Class models, as well as S-Class and CLK-Class models, and SL-Class and ML-Class models.

There are several signs that your ignition module may be defective.

  • Key does not turn on the Mercedes Electronic Ignition Switch, (EIS).
  • When it’s cold, the Mercedes EIS key doesn’t turn on.
  • The Mercedes EIS key works, but the instrument cluster’s ignition lights don’t turn on.
  • Sometimes the Mercedes EIS key doesn’t work.

Please remove the key from the instrument cluster message. Nothing else will happen.

To find the problem, we will inspect the electronic ignition module (EIS -EZS), electronic steering locks (ESL) and keys. Then, we would repair the fault and return to you the functional and fully repaired items.

Vehicles supported for EIS/EZS Diagnosis and repair by GEL Automotive

Mercedes-Benz A B C E G S SL ML GL SLK Class. These models are supported:

  • W906
  • C250
  • C300
  • C350
  • C63
  • E300
  • E350
  • E63
  • GLK350
  • W202
  • W203
  • W208
  • W209
  • W210
  • W211
  • W220
  • W215
  • W219
  • W230
  • W463
  • W639


What are some common reasons the ignition module fails to work?

Several reasons are common for an ignition module to fail.

  • Low battery voltage
  • Jump-starting cables can be connected while the key is in place
  • Power surge (jump starting)

How long will it take to repair?

After we receive your module, Normally we will repair it and have it back to you within 48-hours.

What is the best way to tell if you have an ESL, EIS or Key problem?

Diagnostic testing using genuine Mercedes Xentry can help you determine if it is EIS, EIS, or Key problem.

How can you program an additional key?

For a quote on additional keys, please provide your vehicle year/model.