Mercedes ECU Cloning

Firstly lets find out some reasons why you would even want to clone a Mercedes ECU, ECU cloning is often used when replacing an ECU with either a USED ECU or Donor ECU. This does not just apply to Mercedes ECU’s but most main steam ECU’s for both petrol and diesel vehicles can be swapped and cloned.

How do we clone ECU’s, in this particular case we had to read all sectors or the ECU as the vehicle had a software upgrade (Remap). To keep the upgrade as is we clone the entire ECU this means every sector was cloned. The end result is a direct copy of the customers damaged ECU including all immobiliser and Key data.

The Bosch ME9 ECU found in this Mercedes was cloned and powered up within 3 hours, on average depending on the ECU location and data transfer speeds we can clone an ECU and have a running vehicle within half a day or if your looking for a postal ecu cloning service we are able to post back the same day VIA DHL / Royal mail.

If you suspect you have a damaged ECU please feel free to get in touch we can provide and ECU repair service, of course if you ECU cannot be repaired we are able to clone your old ECU to a New or a Used unit.