Mercedes Benz CLS320 with no power. Fault Codes P2514, P2526, P2626, P2530, P2376

Faults stored in the ECU

Our customer saw that her Mercedes-Benz CLS 320 was under-powered. She brought the car to our Ipswich workshop. She explained that she had visited two other Mercedes Benz specialists, and that she was beginning to believe that she would never be able to get it in working order. So, she was standing in our workshop trying to find the problem with her Mercedes CLS.

The local independent Mercedes expert, the team welcomed the Mercedes and began diagnosing it immediately using main dealer equipment (Mercedes Star & Mercedes Xentry).

Diagnose the Faults

The Mercedes specialists began by accessing the vehicle’s supply data, which revealed several defects.

  • P2350 – Inlet port shutoff engine short to ground
  • P2376 – Throttle valve actuator voltage low
  • P2514 – Vent line heater short-to-ground
  • P2526 – Charge pressure positioner short-to-ground
  • P2527 – EGR positioner short for ground
  • P2626 – Too high soot content in DPF

There are quite a few errors there!

GEL Automotive is known for providing five-star customer service. Our technicians understood that we needed to quickly identify the problem and fix it.

Once you have received the fault codes, it was now time to determine why and how they occurred.

It takes a lot of skill and experience to narrow down the problem.

Solution to the problem

We first checked to see if there were any faults. Then we checked the fuses. Our technicians quickly identified the failures by using the Mercedes wiring diagram. Our technicians replaced the fuse and checked the codes for any updates.

Some of the faults were fixed, but others remained. We did discover signs of damage to the impeller, and oil leaking onto an actuator. This problem was obvious and we investigated further. We determined that the turbocharger needed to be replaced.

We repaired the swirl flap actuator and the turbocharger and replaced it with a new one. Our Mercedes specialists were able to repair the CLS 320 with all of these parts.

mercedes xentry dpf data
mercedes xentry dpf data

We chose to repair the swirl flaps, and the manifold of the Mercedes intake manifold instead. This saved time and money for the customer. She was able to trust that the garage she had chosen was GEL Automotive in Ipswich.

GEL Automotive auto electric is committed to the safety of all our clients. We make sure that everyone around us is safe. We value our customers and will never replace or repair any unnecessary parts. We provide outstanding customer service, honesty and integrity to our customers. And we promise that no additional charges will be made for any work we do not need.

We not only saved the customer money but also provided exceptional work at a great price and a fast turnaround on this complicated job. We take great pride in this.


After experiencing power loss, our customer brought her Mercedes CLS320 to our garage. She had already visited two other garages and was not satisfied. Because of our skills and expertise, we knew that we were able to resolve any problems.

Our Mercedes specialists were able to immediately access the fault data and memory using our Mercedes diagnostic equipment.

We were able to see that all the components of the Mercedes wiring diagram had failed and were connected to the same fuse. After changing the fuse, our technicians checked the fault codes to make sure they were correct.

The turbocharger was replaced, the swirl flap actuator was repaired, and the rod and fuse were replaced. We chose to repair the Mercedes intake manifold and swirl flaps instead of replacing it. Our customer was able to save both time and money.

We can help you if you have any problems with your Mercedes-Benz. Regular maintenance is a must to keep your Mercedes-Benz running smoothly.

Contact us if your Mercedes Service is needed or you have any questions! The Mercedes experts will get you on the road again.