Mercedes 7G Gearbox Fault

The 7G gearbox from Mercedes is one of the most common gearboxes fitted across the range. We are able to repair and recondition the gearbox ECU / Transmission control unit on the 7G gearbox found in the C,E,S,ML class vehicles.

Common Mercedes gearbox Fault codes (may cause limp mode)

  • Mercedes P0717
  • Mercedes P0718
  • Mercedes P2201
  • Mercedes P0722
  • Mercedes P0722

You may have one or all of the above faults but if you have one of the above faults along with slow, sticky or no gear selection the you will more than likely require a gearbox ECU / Transmission control unit.

The common part number that we are able to refurbish are








We can perform diagnosis from as little as £85 and a full repair of the gearbox ECU from just £150 (depending on diagnosis) For more information and or a quote please feel free to get in touch.