LandRover Diagnostics, main dealer diagnostics for LandRover & jaguar

we have invested in dealer Diagnostics for LandRover and jaguar vehicles, LandRover SDD is the LandRover main dealer equipment this allows us to provide a LandRover main dealer service right to your door.

Mobile LandRover diagnostics in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk

Gel Automotive can provide a LandRover main dealer Diagnostic, coding and programming service right to your door in Suffolk, Essex or Norfolk. We use the landrover SDD Diagnostic system that is the exact same system LandRover dealers use.

So what’s the difference between GEL Automotive and your LandRover main dealer in Suffolk, Essex or Norfolk ? This simple reply is NOTHING. Of course there are small differences in the service and of course the price. Our Diagnostic service is a very personal experience we work closely with both trade and retail customers alike. A big difference between our diagnostic testing service for LandRover and your LandRover Diagnostic test at a LandRover main dealer is the price, we provide the exact same service for £65 normally providing a mobile service to your door in Suffolk, Essex or Norfolk whereas the landrover labour rate for diagnostics starts at 90+ VAT And you will find yourself driving to the dealer for this service with no out of hours option.