Landrover air suspension pump fault, amber or red dash light

Land Rover Discovery air suspension not rising is a very common fault with the Discovery 3 and the Range Rover, either you will find an amber air suspension warning light or a red air suspension warning light this indicates the suspension is faulty or inactive. The main issue with the Land Rover air suspension pump is that it provides air  to the airbags, the air suspension pump  is located  in front of the passenger rear wheel the air pump or compressor is covered by a plastic trim this trim is held on by 3 10mm bolts. Visually inspect the air pump for damage if there is no visual damage you will need to check the wiring to ensure there is no corrosion. If you do this prior to our arrival, finding a visual fault is far more cost-effective. If your Land rover becomes undriveable due to air suspension failure, most of the time we are able to diagnostically inflate  the airbags providing the air compressor or air pump is not damaged.  should you require help assistance or a diagnostic test to diagnose Land rover air suspension fault in Suffolk Essex or Norfolk please feel free to get in touch with GEL Automotive