KIA diagnostics & gearbox learning

We dont often see KIA’s as a general rule of thumb however today we took the challenge on for a local car dealer who was having issues selecting gear. Automatic gearboxes are nothing new to us but we have never performed a learn or adaptations on this type of gearbox fitted to this kia sportage.

Initially the customer had issues selecting Park and drive and this became worse overtime, we had a number of TCM faults stored. Firstly we recorded these codes and erased them from the TCM so that we could start a fresh.

Resetting the gearbox learnt values, we performed a relearn so that the gearbox and selector was reading the correct position as once a position was selected the gearbox was slow to react. After the re learn and a resetting of gearbox values we had a very responsive gearbox with none of the previous issues.

This KIA customer took advantage of our fully mobile diagnostic service and was located in lowestoft. If you are looking for kia diagnostics in Suffolk please feel free to give us a call or visit our workshop based in Saxmundham, Suffolk. We are based just off of the A12 inbetween Ipswich and Lowestoft.