We can code, programme, supply and repair car keys from traditional keys and transponders to smart keys for the latest vehicles. No matter id you have lost all of your keys or simply need a spare key to be coded and programmed.  

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Mobile Key Programming & Coding

Key Programming, Keys Programmed in under 1 HR

We programme keys, If you are looking for a key programming service we are able to code most car and van keys. Keys can be programmed on site with our mobile key programming service. We even programme US spec vehicles too. Key programming in most cases is a simple and quick process. We can programme most keys to your car in under 1hr. 

Programming Used keys

In some cases we are able to erase your keys memory and programme used remotes, If you are looking to have a used car or van key programmed we can either source you a used key or you can provide a used key for us to programme. 

Smart Key Programming

If you have a “smart key” then you will have a push to star button on the dash or centre console. We are able to programme smart keys both new and used. 

Proximity key programming

A proxmaty key is very similar to a smar key. Proximity keys are the newest style of car key. Programming a smar or a proximity key is a quick and simple process we can programme proximity keys in most cases within an hour. 


Supply & Programme Keys

Need a key ordered, We can order most keys remotes and fobs and can expect a fully programmed key within 3 days of ordering for significantly less than your main dealer.

Key Buttons not working

If your key’s buttons are not working or working intermittently we may be able to repair or replace just the PCB. 

Key blade cutting

Our keys are cut to order normally we can order from the main dealer or we can cut your key from a HD image should you still have the blade

Disabling lost or stolen keys

If your car or van keys have been lost or stolen we strongly advise to have the stolen key removed from the ECU and the immobiliser memory as this key will still be able to start your vehicle

Any Car or van key questions

If you have any questions regarding car or van keys, remote key programming or coding please feel free to get in touch