KEY Coding & Key Programming

The Basics of car keys with GEL Automotive

What is a transponder key?

It is a car Key that has a transponder chip in it, this gives extra security measure to increase the levels of user verification. The chip gives off a signal that interacts with your car’s transceiver. The car will not start if the transceiver can not find the correct signal or no signal at all, it is looking for the correct signal to interact.

You must have a transponder key to able your car to work if this is what it requires, if you have a key that hasn’t been programmed properly it will still be able to open the doors and boot but will have to be programmed as a transponder key for the car to start.

Do I need to program my transponder key?

In in order for your key to work in the ignition of your car you need to program the transponder key but remember not every key requires this, older car models simply use a standard metal key with no electronic components.

If you don’t require a key that will start your car and you are just after one that will open exterior looks (doors and boot) you do not need to program a transponder chip. When you have a transceiver in your car, there is no way to get around transponder key programming without undermining your own security.

How do I know if I have a transponder key?

Have a look at your car key, there will be a metal piece that you place in the ignition (blade), and a larger flattened piece that you will use to turn the key once it is inserted (bow). If the bow of the key is covered in a plastic or rubber case, then there is a good chance that inside it is a transponder chip. The only way to find this out is to remove the plastic covering and look for the chip.

Be careful not to scratch or damage the chip while removing the plastic covering as this will make the key unusable in the ignition. You could also copy the key using a key cutter and see if it will start the car. If you attempt to start the car with just a metal key, keep the working key out of the vehicle, as this may give you a false positive.

The best way to make sure this is done properly is to call the automotive locksmith.They will be able to check to if the key uses a transponder chip, and carry out the transponder key programming, if you would like to make a new fully functional key.

Do I need to purchase a new key?

If you would like another key, you or your local automotive locksmith can purchase this. If you purchase the key yourself be wary of secondhand keys, they will be near impossible to recut and are probably already programmed. You will need a blank key to do this as once the transponder key programming process has taken place that chip cannot be reprogrammed to work with another car.

This means that there are no cuts made and that the transponder chip has never been used. You need the correct key for the appropriate car, if the key is not the correct shape then it will not fit into the keyway. Whenever you get someone else to do the job make sure you trust the company that is going to do it right. Gel Automotive always has your best interests at heart.

How long does it take for transponder key programming?

It only takes a couple of minutes for us to program a new Transponder key. We can either do this with just the keys or at the car itself, time may be added if it requires to be duplicated. If you do not have a key to duplicate, that is not a problem, as our locksmiths can cut you a brand new key from code, we will need to have your VIN (vehicle indetentificatiom number) to the have the new key cut.

These issues do not take long to do or fix but they do add up, at GEL Automotive we always make sure that our service will be delivered in a fast,efficient and professional manner However, speed will not sacrifice quality. Always trust the company that you are going to get to carry out the work and they offer a fast and fair service.

Does programming include a key cutting service?

Transponder key programming is a different service from key cutting, but all of our technicians are qualified to carry out both services. If you do not have a key that is cut then programming a key will not do much for it , it will need to fit into the ignition of the car in order to for it to start.

The transponder chip is not the only form of user identification, It must be used with a properly cut car key. Just as a cut key will need transponder key programming to work in the ignition, the chip needs to have a key cut so that it can work in the ignition.

Can I program my transponder chip myself?

sometimes you may be able to program your own transponder chip, but this reprogramming will require you to have two working keys but it also depends on which car you have. Transponder key programming can be complex if you are trying to do it yourself. Each car has its own process pattern and programming method.

In order for you to carry out this process yourself you will require the exact information as it relates to your car. From there, you will need all of the proper supplies. A easier and safer option that will benefit you is to have a automotive locksmith carry out the work for you then you are guaranteed for it to be right first time round.

Transponder Key Programing Service

It is best for your own interest to have extra keys to the things you own including your car, why wait till you loose your keys,get one made while you still have a spare. If you wait until an emergency, you will be strapped for time, it will then cost you more time as extra services will need to be carried out.This is then likely to require more time, as more services will be required.

Make sure when you are looking to purchase a new key the company you choose supplies all the services you may require. At GEL Automotive we have a great mobile locksmith service which covers areas of Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk. We can be with you quickly in an emergency or you can make an appointment at a more convenient time for yourself.

We will turn up to assist you with your new transponder key making sure we have all the right equipment to get the service you require done to the best possible standard,this will include a blank key if you have not already purchased one yourself.

If you would prefer to have they cut by code that can be dealt with before arrival as long as it is not an emergency call. When the locksmith arrives they can either use the car itself or the existing key to program the new key. We use one of our transponder key programming to to do so but this is not the only thing this tool can do

Transponder key programming does not just finish at making sure a new key can start your vehicle, when used by a professional locksmith, there are more services that transponder key programming can achieve. The existing keys can be erased from the system, this is if you have lost the keys or do not know the whereabouts of some of them.

A locksmith is able to make it so the old transponder signal is not accepted by the receiver, which can double as a sort of reprogramming. This service gives customers better protection than simply replacing the key if they have been stolen or lost.

In-Car Transponder Key Programing

If you require as many options as possible for your transponder key programming, then it is best to get your car keys programmed using the car. Some types of car will need the key to be programmed inside of the vehicle.

A chip can be programmed without an existing key using the in car transponder key programming. When the key is cut by code, the next thing you need to do is take your car to a trusted locksmith who will be able to find the code the transceiver is looking for. This code is then copied onto a blank key, the key must be blank and un-programmed. Be aware of the dangers of getting aftermarket car keys, in case that you would like to have all of the existing keys to the vehicle removed, that can also be done at this time.

The technician will access your car’s onboard diagnostic port. Once this port has been found, our tools can be used to access the vehicle’s computer. This can take awhile as the systems on our machines are built with waiting periods, also known as authentication periods.

Waiting periods in the programing process means that the machine has a longer wait time. This stops the quick usage of the device for illegal reasons. You do not need to be concerned about this process tho, just because our machine take longer at the start our technicians will make up for the wait time with a fast service that they deliver.

Remote Location Transponder Key Programing

In certain cars thee Keys can be programmed using an original key without involving the car at all, but not all keys and vehicles allow you to do this. Sometimes a transponder key programming is done at a different location than the car, there is still some amount of mechanical key manipulation that will need to be done inside the Vehicle.

Your locksmith can give you any type of secondary procedure, they can also do this process if it is more convenient for the customer. If you require this service your locksmith will inform you in the event that the car is needed to carry out all of the transponder key programming and will be more than happy to help. .