Jaguar XFR Reverse camera Fault – Diagnostics & Auto Electrical

Another Jaguar XF with a faulty reverse camera, Recently we have seen a number of jaguars with faulty reverse cameras, Normally the wiring to the camera fails a leaves a short circuit code this is either down to water ingress or exposed wires (boot lid).

Jaguar dealers will advise on a software / firmware fix this in our experience has yet to fix water ingress or damaged wiring. Never the less we apply the update so you are covered incase of any descrancy with the dealer.

The FIX, You can either replace the wiring harness, This will depend on the damage and where the damage is located or fix the harness or camera itself. We do provide both as option but to be 100% it is best the replace rather than fix as this will guarantee the result. Say this we have repaired and sealed a number of units successfully. If you have a jaguar xf with a faulty reverse camera please feel free to get in touch.