Honda DPF Filter Issues

DPF Cleans are not recommended if you have a blocked DPF.

We see most DPF light-related bookings. However, as long as the problems are properly identified and addressed before the DPF blocks are applied, the vehicle will begin regenerating normally again.

We see the following issues that prevent DPF regeneration:

– Not getting warm enough.
– Insufficient fuel – Always keep at least 1/4 tank of fuel in a diesel car with a DPF.
– Glow Plugs – BMWs with a certain age will refuse to regenerate. Other makes and models might still regenerate but less well.
– Differential pressure sensor failing or failed
Failure of or failure of Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors
– Other codes that the manufacturer considers important enough to prevent regeneration for safety reasons.

This one was a disaster. The DPF’s backpressure and soot levels were too high for regeneration. A DPF Clean was necessary. This was due to the thermostat not allowing vehicle temperature to exceed 71 degrees Celsius.