Ford Transit Specialist

Over the years we have seen our fair share of ford transits along with owning a number to visit our customers in, On some on line forums and facebook groups we have been label’d the transit specialists of witch we are grateful for.

Like any other ford or other manufacture there are common flaws and faults that you will grow to learn how to solve it seems we have seen enough transits to know them inside out from an electrical and diagnostic point of view anyway.

This particular for transit was over 100 miles away from us and a 4 and a half hour round trip but we had been recommended to our customer by a number of previous customers and specialists, we set off from sunny Suffolk to Hertfordshire to take on the transit challenge.

The customer first made contact staing excessive smoke and poor running but everything had been checked and or replaced such as the DPF, EGR, Turbo and injectors so we were a little confused as to how the problem occurred .

On arrival in ware (Hertfordshire) we plugged in our ford IDS and checked for faults, No fault were present, We then check the software version to find an update was available we ran the ford update and retested. The van was slightly better but not fully clear of smoke we then performed a DPF regeneration and retested to find little difference. The next step was to programme and code the injectors and reset any learned values in the PCM (ECU). After the Injectors had been coded we then reset the learned values for the wastegate, fuel pressure, egr and dpf, BOOM no smoke and a smooth running van.

The customer need we say was over the moon after suffering with these issues for almost a year and paying thousands out for non specialist diagnostics and auto electricians.