Ford Transit Mk8 DPF Regeneration

Recently we have seen a number of MK8 Transits with DPF issues. As independent Ford specialists we are fully equipped with Ford IDS and Ford FRDS we can perform diagnostics, coding and programming all using OEM Ford software as your ford main dealer would.

This particular Ford transit visited a number of garages before coming to us as the vehicle was in limp mode. Firstly we ran a full test plan and diagnostics with OEM Ford IDS. We discovered a number of faults, the vehicle had recently had a new turbo and MAF sensor.

On replacing both the MAF sensor and turbo a relearn NEEDS to be carried out so as to ensure the correct fueling and boost pressure. Both fueling and boost pressure are key factors of DPF regeneration.

After relearning both the turbo and MAF. We then moved on to the actual limp mode issue. We knew this was the DPF Filter as per the test plan we had previously ran.

After the regeneration we managed to get the get the vehicle out of limp mode and the soot mass down to . 5 grams. The DPF Filter was near enough empty.

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