Ford Transit Mk8 Diagnostics, Coding & Programming with Ford IDS

PCM and IPC Module programming in Norwich, Norfolk today using the newest version of ford IDS OEM diagnostics. This MK8 2018 ford transit was on our list for mobile coding and programming as a local rental company had been in touch over Christmas in need of the PCM (ECU) programmed and initialised.

When we arrived in Norwich Norfolk we first plugged our ford IDS diagnostics in to the MK8 transit OBD port, we then ran a full system self test showing all present, intermittent and snapshot fault code and data prior to any programming. Once we established the faults we then cleared the faults so we could start the PCM (ECU) programming stage.

As we use Genuine ford IDS we are networked to the Ford central server this provides us with all “AS Built” and coding data on hand right at our fingertips. Once the VIN number is selected we are able to programme and code control units as the main dealer would.

On this occasion we did not only save the customer over £220 off the ford main dealer cost but also the cost and time of recovering the vehicle to the dealership.