Ford Transit MK7 ECU Update (fuel Pump) and Key programming

This afternoon we visited a customer in Woodbridge just outside of Ipswich in Suffolk to provide a software calibration update after a new fuel pump was installed. The symptoms of this after a fuel pump change often present themselves in the form of lumpy revs and a slight miss from the engine randomly.

On first plugging ford ids in to the the transit we ran a self test this allows us to see the exact fault codes to confirm what is required. After erasing the present faults from the ecu we could then log on to the ford database server allowing us to download the latest version of software from the PCM.

It just so happens this transit was 4 calibrations out of date, After programming the ECU (PCM) we then performed the SETUP that includes injector learning, fuel pump learning and a fuel plot. After this is completed we can the test and log some data to ensure all is running as it should.