Ford transit engine and ECU swap…. pcm initialise

Yesterday we had a diagnostic testing session on a Ford Transit  in Coltishall just outside of Norwich. The van had just had its engine changed and had an number of faults including a constant flashing PATS light.

As the engine and ECU was from another vehicle our job was to reinitialise and code the engine ECU issues such as the body computer or BCM. We started off with our Ford IDS diagnostics interrogate and proceed to initialise ECU with the body computer and various other easy use in the original vehicle.

After a number of attempts to code and program the ECU’s keys and body computer we discovered that there was a communication error on the CAN network this could possibly be due to a damaged wiring loom whilst changing the engine and ECU. We advised the customer to swap the wiring loom with the wiring loom from the donor vehicle to cure the issue and then we can re code and reprogram the keys to the vehicle.

Further updates will follow, for more on Ford IDS and ford diagnostics in Norwich please feel free to get in touch.