Ford Transit Adblue issue – Software Update

Ford Transit 2 litre arrived this afternoon with AdBlue tank level sensor issues. We carried out works as required and the customer was back on the road. 

Ford Transit Adblue issues, Customer complaints reported below

  • I have a 2015 mk8 minibus and have the message adblue malfunction 9miles till engine cut out. Any ideas ? It’s full of adblue and can’t reset it.. Can it be diagnosed with ids software or reset
  • Adblue malfunction on my ford transit custom 2017, engine light on and keep losing power when I drive
  • My van is 2017 model and done 24000 miles, i service it myself but I have had the above light up on the dash.
  • I have changed the oil again new filter, new fuel filter and also air filter. I have even drained out the ad blue and ripped it up with new.
  • But still I have this system failure and I’ve only got another 300 miles now before engine stop.
  • i have this ford transit 2016, 2016 130ps.
  • Car don’t start and i found these error:
  • adblue service required
  • won’t start in 31 miles
More than 85% of our ford transit adblue faults are cured by using ford IDS to perform a software update directly from ford.