Ford P244D – Not Starting

Ford fault code P244D is quite common during a regeneration this fault code can happen during a static / forced regeneration or a passive regeneration (regeneration whilst driving). The description for P244D fault codes depending on the diagnostic tool used is normally Excessive DPF or Exhaust temps.

How to fix P244D catalyst temperature too high during regeneration Fault code

The code will remain stored or at least pending in the ECU fault memory and in most cases you will not be able to start the vehicle with P244D stored, Non start is normal and is a protection method due to the high temperatures present or seen by the ECU.

Ford OEM Dealer Procedure for resetting P244D

  1. We recommend using either ford IDS, Forscan or contacting a ford specialist equipped with ford IDS or FDRS
  2. First you will need to perform a DPF temperature sensor reset. ” reset dpf temperature values”.
  3. It is then recommended to perform a PCM reset / Forced PCM / ECU reset.
P244D fault code
Ford P244D Fault code No start

At this stage start should be enabled if not you can try to cool the DPF or wait for an hour or so and re attempt this procedure. For any reason you cannot start the vehicle after this you may have a faulty exhaust temperature sensor. To diagnose this you will need to find the live data for the exhaust temperature sensor. If the DFP filter is cool to touch but you have excessive temps diagnostically the likelihood is that the DPF tempeture sensor has failed.