Ford IDS ECU and variant programming

Today we coded a new ECU and keys to a 2011 ford transit using ford IDS. This can was purchased in a car auction and brought to us on a trailer with no keys and a faulty ECU. For under £400 we turned a non running ford transit into a running and fault free van. We will now be prepping this vehicle on behalf of the customer ready for resale in the near future. We also removed the 75 mph speed limiter again using the ford IDS diagnostics to re program the speed limiter setting within the ECU. Keep an eye out in and around Ipswich for this somewhat rare 4×4 for transit, we will do doing a few short videos on this little gem to show the progress and how we turn a non running vehicle into an extremely clean as near as showroom condition as physically possible. [rank_math_rich_snippet]