Ford fuel pump programming & Suzuki mileage correction

This afternoon we are headed to diss in norfolk and then on to bury st edmunds in suffolk.

The first mobile job we have today is in diss to code and program a fuel pump amd keys to a ford transit van. The custimer has supplied an extra key and changed the fuel injection pump that requires coding and programming to the PCM (ecu).

The next mobile job of the day is in bury st edmunds in suffolk to recalibrate a damaged instument cluster. The customer has replaced the dashboard and needs the mileage corrected (an increase of 20k) to reflect the true mileage of the vehicle. The dashboard on the Suzuki swift has one of two chip sets installed furst we need to confirm we can communicate with the dashboard as the 2017 comes with one of two chip sets we are only able to communicate with one of the two.

If you need anymore information on either ford fuel pump coding or mileage correction in either diss or Bury st Edmunds please feel free to get in touch.