Ford focus dash fault repair

We are recently seeing more and more dashboard failures from the 2004 to 2011 ford focus models, many ford focus models with the common dash failure will either not start or cut out while driving.

This can be repaired…… Local garage’s may want to swap your dash for a replacement dash either new or used. We are able to repair the focus dash board from as little as £120.

We are based in Aldebrugh Suffolk we can either collect and repair or you can post you ford focus dash board to us we will fix and return within 48 hrs.

Many faults can be missleading when trying to diagnose the dash fault such as

  • P1260-Theft detected
  • U0121-lost comms with abs
  • U0140-lost comms with body control
  • U0001-high speed can communication bus
  • U1900-can bus fault
  • U2012-can communication error
  • P0500-vehicle speed sensor a intermittent
  • U0001-high speed can communication bus intermittent
  • P1260-theft detected vehicle immobilized intermittent
  • U0155-can data from hybrid electronic cluster module not received by tcm permanent
  • U0001-high speed can communication bus intermittent
  • U0101-lost communication with tcm permanent
  • P0106-manifold absolute pressure /baro sensor range performance intermittent
  • P0108-manifold absolute pressure/barometric pressure circuit high input
  • P1000-obd II cycle not completed
  • U1900-can communication bus fault – receive error intermittent
  • U2510-can invalid data for vehicle security intermittent
  • U2197-invalid vehicle speed data intermittent
  • U2200-invalid odo count data intermittent
  • U0155-Engine ecu lost communication with instrument cluster

For information on the ford focus dashboard fault please feel free to get in touch.