Ford BCM, PCM, ABS, IPC Programming

Ford IDS & Ford FDRS Programming

GEL Automotive are one of the few companies that can offer a true genuine main dealer programming and coding service using genuine Ford licenced tools for all Ford UK vehicles.

Most companies will offer a cloning or copying service. The difference with us is we PROGRAM the module to the vehicle as Ford would do in their main dealer network. This ensures the correct software and data is put into the vehicle with no errors.

We regularly replace PCM (engine control modules) and BCM (body control modules) for Ford Fiesta, Ford Mondeo, Ford Focus, Ford KA, Ford C-Max, Ford S-Max, Ford Galaxy, Ford Transit, Ford Transit Custom and Ford Tourneo model vehicles. Generally we can offer this as a while you wait service if the customer is supplying parts.

Ford BCM Programming

Common Ford BCM Faults

  • Various lights permenantly on (indicators, headlights, etc).
  • Repeated battery drain.
  • Immobiliser issues.
  • Failure to start.
  • Random dashboard warning lights.

We are able to program both NEW and USED modules if supplied by the customer. Some of the common Ford modules we are asked to code are as follows…

Ford Focus / Ford C-Max

DV6T-14A073-BJ, DV6T-14A073-DH, DV6T-14A073-DK, DV6T-14A073-DL, DV6T-14A073-DM, DV6T-14A073-EE, DV6T-14A073-EM, DV6T-14A073-FD, DV6T-14A073-FG, DV6T-14A073-FH, DV6T-14A073-FK, DV6T-14A073-FL, DV6T-14A073-FT, DV6T-14A073-HF, DV6T-14A073-HH, DV6T-14A073-HJ, DV6T-14A073-HK, DV6T-14A073-HL, DV6T-14A073-PH, DV6T-14A073-RK, DV6T-14A073-RL, DV6T-14A073-SN

Ford Mondeo / Ford Galaxy / Ford S-Max

BG9T-14A073-AL, BG9T-14A073-BD, BG9T-14A073-BE, BG9T-14A073-BL, BG9T-14A073-BH, BG9T-14A073-BK, BG9T-14A073-CF, BG9T-14A073-CH, BG9T-14A073-CL, BG9T-14A073-CM, BG9T-14A073-DD, BG9T-14A073-DE, BG9T-14A073-DH, BG9T-14A073-DL, BG9T-14A073-DM, BG9T-14A073-YD, BG9T-14A073-YH, BG9T-14A073-YK, BG9T-14A073-YL, BG9T-14A073-XH, BG9T-14A073-XM

Ford Transit


BK2T-14B476-AP, BK2T-14B476-AJ, BK2T-14B476-AU, BK2T-14B476-BG, BK2T-14B476-BH, BK2T-14B476-BJ BK2T-14B476-BL, BK2T-14B476-BN, BK2T-14B476-BP, BK2T-14B476-BT, BK2T-14B476-BU, BK2T-14B476-BV, BK2T-14B476-CU, BK2T-14B476-DZ