EGR Clean, Carbon cleaning

Engine management light on ? Don’t replace parts just yet. Diesel engines are riddled with issues relating to a thick sludgy carbon buildup. This carbon buildup is very very common just because you can see it it does not mean it’s not there.

65% of our work on vehicles within 15 years old have excessive carbon build up. Many parts are replaced and will normally fail again as this initial problem is not solved. A carbon clean is a new maintenance technique to keep your engine running for years to come.

A carbon clean will reduce the carbon buildup in your engine mainly targeting injectors, inlet, egr valve and dpf filters all found in the modern diesel.

For instance we recently had a client come to us with a number of faults in a 2015 Citroen dispatch, on arrival with us the dpf was blocked and the vehicle had egr faults. The customer had a quote of over £1500 to replace parts and get the vehicle in a running state free from it’s current limp mode.

The customer dropped the van off over the weekend so we had plenty of time to diagnose and run our stage 3 clean. After the first carbon clean stage we removed just about all the dpf filter faults, after the second carbon clean we were left with only egr valve faults. Finally the third stage of the carbon clean…. You guessed it a completely fault free van. Based on the quotes the customer had to repair the vehicle we save the customer £1350 !!!! Yes one thousand three hundred and fifty pounds.

Can you afford not to at least try a carbon clean ?