ECU Testing

A suspected ECU fault can be hard to test and diagnose for your typical garage no matter how specialist they maybe. We can diagnose and repair many types of ECU’s from engine ecu’s to ABS ECU’s and gearbox ECU’s. We see many engine control units and gearbox ECU’s that come directly to us from main dealers many of these are returned reprogrammed and in full working order within 7 DAYS normally for a fraction of the cost of a replacement control unit.

Testing for all ECU's

We can test ECU’s from all vehicle manufactures and from all ECU manufactures. If you have a control unit fault or if you suspect you have an ECU fault we can test, diagnose and repair. All of our rebuilds / repairs come with a lifetime warranty on the actual repair / parts replaced. Our ECU Testing involves a direct  data and 12V power communication with the control unit, We are able to simulate a number of “real” conditions to replicate faults. 

Gel Automotive ECU Testing was designed as a direct response to our clients requiring a fast efficient ECU Testing service for just about any ECU from engine ecus to gearbox and ABS ecu’s. Our testing process and advanced diagnostics will be able to diagnose present faults. Many ECU’S that we see suffer from water damage or a programming failure from either remapping or a dealer update.