Dpf regeneration and dpf filter cleaning

Fault code p2002 is the fault code for a blocked DPF filter, with this fault code you will need one of three options, either dpf regeneration, dpf cleaning or dpf removal.

Firstly dpf removal is for off road use only and therefore not legal on UK roads, then next is a straight forward dpf Regeneration if you visit your local dealer or mechanic they will more than likely charge you over the odds if they are able to regenerate your dpf filter. The next is dpf cleaning a dpf clean will actually incorporate a dpf regeneration after the clean, but how is the dpf filter actually cleaned ?

We use a high pressure mist to breakdown the carbon and effectively stream clean the dpf filter. Many other specialists will provide a dpf cleaning service that uses chemicals that can damage the filter we can assure you we only use water as high pressure. Yes this is a longer process but it is much safer and often due to the duration of the dpf clean produces better results.

If you are looking for a dpf regeneration or a dpf cleaning service in suffolk, Essex or Norfolk in particular Ipswich, Felixstowe, Lowestoft,. Norwich, diss,. Colchester or bury st Edmunds then please do feel free to get in touch regarding your vehicle.