DPF Cleaning (high pressure)

We have recently taken delivery of our specialist high pressure dpf cleaner. Upon testing we have successfully cleaned 5 blocked DPF units saving literally thousands on a new dpf filters.

Our DPF Cleaning first works by directly cleaning the filter via the dpf pressure pipes entering both the front and rear of the filter. This is the most cost effective method of dpf cleaning as the filter does not need to be removed for cleaning. First we use a high pressure mist formula to loosen the fine particles of soot from the filter. Stage two of the clean involves a “flood” at high pressure to dislodge any further blockages after this a full forced dpf Regeneration is in order to clear the ECUs soot counter and dpf filter adaptations. Once reset a test drive for 20 to 30 minutes to ensure all chemicals are burned off and the vehicle is running correctly whilst logging data such as dpf pressure and dpf temperature.

Above is the high pressure misting nozzle used to saturate the dpf filter in cleaning agent before the flush or flood. Our entire dpf cleaning process can take upto 4 hours to complete depending on how full your dpf filter is. We can ensure you dpf filter is fully clear and in full working order by performing a DPF clean and DPF Regeneration.