Diagnostic test & auto electrical services on site at RAF Wattisham

We were called to RAF wattisham in suffolk to diagnose a non starting toyota auris that had been diagnosed by a local garage as an injector driver, We set out to programme the used injector driver that the customer had supplied to find the vehicle still would not start.

We performed a number of diagnostic tests to ensure we were pin pointing the issue correctly, an hour and a half later we concluded that the injector driver supplied by the customer was not required and the original diagnosis by the garage was incorrect.

We advised the customer that the timing was out and we suspected the belt had jumped a tooth leading to a non starting mechanical fault, After programming and coding the injector driver back to the original we had no faults and the vehicle would not start itself. After forcing it to start by manually supplying fuel the engine would run poorly but never the less run.

If you are based at RAF wattisham and are looking for diagnostics, coding, programming or an auto electrical specialist please feel free to get in touch we cover Suffolk, Essex and norfolk as auto electrical specialists.