Damage and repaired vehicles from Copart

As per the last Vlog post we are losing the retail side of the business due to health reasons and from implications of corvid 19. We have always been involved with buying cars from auctions such as COPART, BCA and a number of local auction houses. Normally this involves attending the auction, due to COVID we are unable to attend the auctions so we are operating without seeing any potential purchase.

Over the past few weeks we purchased a number of vehicles from our local COPART sites (copart Colchester and copart Wisbech) we will be posting detailed vlogs on both vehicles so please keep an eye out. We will be posting vlogs on the damage, why we purchased the vehicles and the repair process.

We also purchased a vehicle from a local garage a ford transit connect that has failed an MOT and has a number of faults and defects including the need for welding. We will be doing a number of patch repairs and attempting to diagnose any running issues as the vehicle has not been started for a number of years.

Please stay tuned and keep an eye on this blog for further updates.

Here is why our services have changed

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