Commercial paint correction

Do you take pride in your fleet vehicles, keeping vans and other commercial vehicles clean throughout the lifetime of ownership often reflects in the resale value and if course gives you a professional clean and well kept company image. GEL Automotive regularly see commercial vehicles that have not seen a wash or commercial vehicles with very neglected paintwork, we can reverse this with wet sanding (taking a fine layer of clear coat off) and then polishing and sealing. We can ever ceramic coat vans and HGV’S to protect for years to come. Our correction process for the worst effected vehicles starts at wet sanding to remove contaminated paint leaving a fresh factory finish, this leave us a good base for polishing after the polishing stage has been completed we can then seal the paint with a ceramic coating that will give a barrier for upto 3 years. With prices starting from just £150 it should not be overlooked as this will undoubtedly increase any van or HGV’S re sale value.