Clutch and gearbox learning – smart 451

The smart car (smart fortwo) 451, is prone to clutch slipping and faults due to the gearbox and clutch re teaching or re learning process not being carried out. Many faults occur because this has not been done. Recently we have a lovely little smart car visit us that would not start or go into gear. After 10 minutes running a number of diagnostic functions and diagnostic tests we performed a TCU reset. The gearbox reset (TCU) allowed the vehicle to start and select gears, now we needed to fix the actual issue. The main reason for the clutch learning process to be done is the clutch auctator moves over time and this creates errors commonly seen with the vehicle not starting or selecting gears. We physically moved the clutch actuator and re learned the gearbox values to ensure the car knows it’s back in tolerance.

All in all a very happy customer after being quoted £1300 for a new clutch auctator. A few hours diagnostic labour and we were all done and dusted