Car Diagnostics, why is your engine light flashing ?

Car Diagnostics and specialist car diagnostic testing, gel automotive have many tools that cover all aspects of car Diagnostics as one single Diagnostic tool will not solve all issues or cover all vehicle types and brands.

We have diagnostic tools and equipment to solve the little flashing light on your dashboard but how do we do this ?

The flashing engine management light can mean thousands literally thousands of different things, when you perform a diagnostic test on a vehicle we receive a specific diagnostic trouble code, this code helps to pin point the cause of a failure.

What does the Diagnostic trouble code mean ?

Depending on the fault, we are able to determine the cause for instance p2002 code mean your dpf filter is blocked but ….. This could also mean a sensor is out of range it’s now our job to find the cause ie a faulty sensor or an actual blocked DPF filter.

We are car diagnostic specialist in fault finding we are not a garage or mechanic we simply specialise in fault finding we work with many local garages and mechanics to aid them in there daily tasks however we are available to the general public,.why would you pay extortionate rates for someone who many not be a diagnostic specialist ?