Car diagnostic test Lowestoft

Today we have been in lowestoft just a 30 minute drive from our office in Aldebrugh to diagnose and engine management light and repair a key fob on a 2015 ford Mondeo. Firstly we plugged our diagnostic tool in and performed a full scan of all ECUs in the vehicle. Firstly we found a total of 22 faults from abs to the radio so we had a feeling something was a miss or the vehicle had some kind of electrical gremlins, we then cleared all present faults and restarted the vehicle to leave us with EGR vale faults p0400 and p0401 the ford Mondeo 2.0 tdci is very very common for what valve faults. After anther reset we advised the customer that the faults will come back in short while, we have the customer his options to either replace the EGR valve or opt for a carbon clean. We look forward to seeing the customer and returning to lowestoft to perform a full decarbonisation and carbon clean in the near future.