• Paint

  • Dents 

  • Scratches 

  • Alloy wheel refurb’s 

  • Colour coding 

From small touch-ups to full resprays and dents, we offer a bodyshop / PDR service that is fast, friendly and cost effective. Our Paintless Dent Removal procedure involves working the panel / panels into the original position and uniformed shape on most paintless dent removals Paintwork is left intact with no cracking / distortion. Should you have a dent or a scratch the needs to be filled and or painted we can still offer a fast turn around with better than a factory finish. We only use the highest quality paint’s leaving you with a showroom finish each and every time. For a free quote on any paintless dent removal or painting you may need please feel free to get in touch today. 


peugeot partner gel automotive

Full Coulour Changes

This peugeot came to us in the “standard white” factory paint, We opted for flat grey with black wheels. The entire van was pre sanded with all dents and blemishes removed, then primed with a hi build primer leaving a silky smooth base for our top coat. As you can see from the results a smooth glossy finish that transforms from the “normal” work van. 

Colour Coding

Wing mirrors, Wheels, lower bumper lip and boot trim all “blacked out” on this C Class, Making this stand our from the crowd giving a slightly more aggressive appearance when compared with a factory version.