BMW F20 Misfire – ECU Fault – Cylinder 3 misfire

BMW 118I ECU Fault with a cylinder 3 misfire, We attended this vehicle after receiving a call from the customer stating he had an ecu fault. We originally didn’t think the ECU was at fault so we replaced the coil packs and plugs (new plugs already fitted by the customer). We still had the exact same issues, so we performed a number of diagnostic activations and tests to see what the situation was.

After running a number of different diagnostic tests, We removed the ECU to begin more intensive testing and to inspect for heat or water damage to the PCB. Testing is still ongoing but we are looking at having a fully working coded unit fitted back to the vehicle early next week after the fault / parts have been replaced.

If you have BMW 1 series or any other vehicle for that matter with a suspected ECU fault or compleat failure we are able to diagnose, repair and test in most cases this is less than half the cost of a replacement ECU.