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BMW Diagnostics using BMW ISTA +

Following a previous blog post on the 2.0D X drive BMW X3. This BMW came into our workshop after visiting a BMW dealership and another BMW specialist who could were unable to fix. The vehicle arrived with us with 22 fault codes stored in the engine ECU.

After spending several hours and running a number of BMW test plans with ISTA we came to the conclusion all the faults were due to low voltage. As we could not obtain a genuine stop start battery from our local BMW dealer or local motor factors we opted to regenerate the original battery using a battery re conditioner and registering a battery replacement using BMW ISTA.

We had a huge number of “failed” control units including the gearbox and just about every interior module in the vehicle. This was all due to recent lack of use resulting in a huge battery drain that contributed to the battery failure. The most noticeable fault was with the start stop system and the gearbox, i traffic the gearbox would semi go into start stop mode fail and put itself in park. This would make you re select drive to be able to move forward.

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