BMW Diagnostics using ISTA + | Lowestoft, Suffolk

Today we visited Lowestoft in Suffolk to take a look at a BMW 1 Series with BMW OEM Diagnostics (ISTA+). After visiting a local garage the customer was left a little confused after being told “we cannot clear the fault code” we had been instructed by the customer to simply diagnose and read the engine management fault. On arrival we booted up ISTA to start a test plan and read the engine management faults.

The fault codes presented are as follows

  • 140001 – Misfire several cylinders fuel injection is switched off
  • 140010 – misfire multiple cylinders detected
  • 140101 – Misfire cylinder 1 injection shut down
  • 140110 – Misfire cylinder 1
  • 140201 – Misfire cylinder 2 fuel injection is switched off
  • 104210 – Misfire cylinder 2 detected
  • 150102 – Ignition cylinder 1 combustion time too short
  • 150202 – Ignition cylinder 2

As we are BMW Specialist in diagnostic testing we know these relate to the control unit failing, We cleared the codes and almost instantly after starting all the code came back. We can a series of tests to ensure we gave a correct diagnosis of a faulty ECU. The customer has since asked us to recover the car to our workshop so we can start the repair as the BMW dealer price is almost £2200. Including all diagnostics, vehicle recovery, coding and programming of a new / replacement ECU should we not be able to repair the current ECU we are still saving the customer over £1000.

If your looking for specialist BMW diagnostics in Lowestoft or in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex then please feel free to get in touch.