BMW Diagnostic Testing in Aldeburgh – E90 3 Series

We were called to investigate and “dashboard light” on a BMW E90 3 Series and investigate a faulty sunroof motor / Switch. As soon as we arrived we found 2 faults on with the TMPS tyre pressure monitoring system and the next fault was the sunroof motor “short to ground” .

The next stage was to reset the TPMS system, om the early E90 you can only do this manually there is no diagnostic function to perform this reset. After resetting the fault the customer drove the vehicle and the fault came back. We later discovered the tyres had been replaced so we suspect one of more of the electronic valves are damaged.

As for the sun roof, we traced the switch wiring to the sun roof motor and found that it had been disconnected due to a faulty sun roof mechanism that is to be replaced to ensure full sunroof functionality.

This customer is was based in Aldeburgh just down the road from us but but our mobile diagnostic testing covers a much wider area, We cover Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk. In particular we cover Ipswich, Lowestoft, Felixstowe, Beccles, Halesworth, Woodbridge, Colchester, Norwich to name a few recent places that we have been in the past week. So if your looking for specialists BMW diagnostics or BMW auto electrics please feel free to get in touch.