BMW 8TF Active Pedestrian Protection Removal

You’ll have probably found this article because you’re searching for a more affordable option to repair or remove the BMW Active Pedestrian Protection System.

A fault or damaged component, or indeed the system activating as intended could result in one or more of the codes below:

  • 9909AC Pedestrian Protection System, Front Left Resistance Too High
  • 9909B2 Pedestrian Protection System, Front Right Resistance Too High
  • 9309B8 Pedestrian Protection System, Rear Left Resistance Too High
  • 9309BE Pedestrian Protection System, Rear Right Resistance Too High
  • 930B19 Pedestrian Protection Sensor (Optical Fibre) Open Circuit
  • 930BCA FGS Safing Sensor Open Circuit
  • 930BD2 Pressure Sensor, Right
  • 930BCE Pressure Sensor, Left

We have a proven solution with hardware physically disconnected that will disable and clear all messages relating to the Active Pedestrian Protection System in the ACSM module as well as clearing the warning messages on the instrument cluster and iDrive display.

This solution will ensure continued full use of the airbags in the vehicle.

We can offer an in-person coding service at our workshop with or without labour to disconnect the appropriate connections.