BMW 120I Misfire ECU Fault MEVD17.2

This week we have had another BMW 1 Series ECU send to us from a london based customer having misfire issues and very poor running of his 120I. The ECU fitted to the 116I 118I and 120I is the Bosch MEVD17 unit that runs and controls the engine. The MEVD is prone the cylinder misfire issues normally customers will have had the Spark plugs, Coil packs even injectors replaced as all the symptoms point to either or.

From experience we know that this could well be a short in the ecu circuit as this is a well known ECU fault with this particular unit, In most cases its a fairly simple fix but there is noway to tell without opening the ECU up and inspecting for any damaged components.

Using a fully purpose built test rig we are able to test the ECU sectors and detect failure. The turn around time is typically 2/3 days depending on the actual failure.

If you are have issues with either 116I 118I or the 120I with misfire codes or just a misfire please feel free to get in touch.

ECU Numbers of this particular 120I are below

764913101 / 02 61 s0 87 09