Bentley ECU Replacement coding & Programming using ODIS & GEKO Online

Recently we had this Bentley continental in our Ipswich based workshop from an Essex based garage i need of some specialist Bentley diagnostics, coding and programming. As we are fully up to date and equipped with VAG group ODIS and GEKO online that is used in Bentley dealerships for diagnostics as well as coding and programming we were first choice for diagnosing and repairing this Bentley continental GT.

The issue

On running a full bentley diagnostic test plan we found an number off communication fault codes stored in the ECU

P1924 Control Module PIN Coding

P0613 Incorrect Immobiliser Key

P1923 Check DTC Memory of ECM 2

At this stage we were able to identify the key issues that stopped the vehicle from running, we advised the customer of our diagnostic findings and looked for possible solutions moving forward.

The Solution

Using ODIS online we coded the keys in to remove the P0613 fault code so that start authorisation could be given. Although this removed P0613 we still had to contend with P1924 so we applied the latest engine ECU software update and then cleared all faults. This resulted in the car starting and after a number of tests performed we were happy the faults we not going to return.